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About Pisa

The hosting city

Pisa is one of the main cities of Tuscany in Italy. The city symbol is the leaning tower in Piazza dei Miracoli - a UNESCO heritage site – but there are many historic churches, several valuable medieval palaces, as well as other two other leaning towers: the Bell Tower of San Nicola Church, and the whole Church of San Michele of Scalzi.
The Arno River divides the city in two zones connected by very suggestive bridges: Tramontana (with the neighbourhoods of Santa Maria and San Francesco) and Mezzogiorno (with the neighbourhoods of Sant'Antonio and San Martino).
Since the 11th century Pisa was one of the four Italian Maritime Republics and became a world power during the Middle Ages. Today, it is an international city rich in history, art, and culture.
In the city there are numerous museums and foundations. Pisa has three universities: Scuola Normale Superiore, the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, and the University of Pisa.



The University of Pisa

In 1343, Pope Clement VI established the University of Pisa with the "In Supremae Dignitatis" papal bull. Today, it is one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities.
The University has about 50,000 students coming from all over Italy and the rest of the world. It is divided into 20 departments with about 150 bachelor’s and master’s degree courses, more than 30 doctoral courses, 50 specialization schools, and more than 60 executive post-graduate masters. Its research centres are famous for their productive activity and their international cooperation. The University’s Botanic Garden dates back to 1543 and is the Europe’s oldest academic botanical garden.
The University of Pisa is where Galileo Galilei studied and taught and counts three Nobel prize winners, two Field Medals winners, as well as two Presidents of the Italian Republic among its graduates.

Seminar faculty

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Politecnico di Milano, Italy

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Aarhus University, Denmark

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KTH Royal Institute of Technolgy, Sweden

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University of Pisa, Italy

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Technische Universität Hamburg, Germany   

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University of Southern Denmark, Denmark