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14th CIYA Workshop 

15 September 2024, 13:30-17:00, Hamburg, Germany   

About CIYA

The young academics workshop is organized by CIYA (Continuous Innovation Young Academics) and is conceived as a way to support the career development of young scholars in the field of continuous innovation by teaching and sharing with them major skills needed in an academic career. 

Target audience

The CINet Young Academics (CIYA) workshop is targeted at young academics such as assistant professors, post-doc researchers and PhD students in the last year of their studies, interested in strengthening their skills to design, program and manage a research program with high impact on multiple dimensions and maximizing the likelihood of being funded by public or private institutions, or companies. 

The challenges

In the first years of their academic life, scholars are often called to change the way their research life is planned and conducted. During their PhD studies, young scholars acquire skills to design and conduct rigorous and relevant research projects. However, when the stage of their post-doctoral research career life begins, new challenges arise related to:

  • Identifying and seizing funding opportunities for supporting their research at local, national, and international level.
  • Designing research programs that are rigorous and relevant and that can be funded by public or private institutions, or companies, and at the same time produce a stream of scientific publications in top scientific journals.
  • Gaining visibility in the community of business leaders through the outcomes of their research.
  • Transferring the outcomes of their research in teaching activities, in all the segments of university education, from bachelor programs to executive education, in a way that is engaging and pragmatic, and produces actionable knowledge for managers and policy makers. 

The CIYA workshop is designed to help you with these challenges. More information on the 2024 workshop will follow soon.

PhD Workshop

PhD students attending the conference can attend the 24th CINet PhD Workshop for free.

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Young Academics Workshop

CIYA will organize their 15th young academics workshop on the Sunday afternoon preceding the conference.

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