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PhD Workshop


The CINet PhD workshop offers PhD students a unique possibility to present and discuss, receive feedback, and exchange comments and views on their research in an inspiring academic community of fellow PhD students and experienced researchers active in the CINet community.

The PhD workshop will be held on Thursday 17 and Friday 18 September 2020, before the 21th International CINet Conference. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the workshop will be held virtually. Politecnico di Milano will host the workshop, probably using Microsoft Teams as the communication platform.

Previous experience from, amongst others, the EurOMA Doctoral Seminar, held in June, shows that a virtual meeting still invites excellent presentations, feedback and discussions. 

The seminar is equivalent to a workload of 3 ECTS.

Target group 

The CINet PhD workshop offers two classes of attendance, depending on the experience of the PhD student. Note that this classification relates to full time students; for part time students longer time periods might be more relevant.

  1. The first year's class is aimed at students who are in the first or early second year of their PhD research. These participants present and discuss their research design.
  2. Students who took part in the first class will be invited to join the second class, the following year. These participants are typically in the second or early third year of their studies. The presentations by, and discussion with, these students focus on results and (preliminary) conclusions (contribution to the theory and/or practice of continuous innovation).

Work mode: presentation, discussion and reflection

  • First year's participants to the CINet PhD workshop must provide a written project description as part of their application for the PhD workshop. Each student will be given a slot of 45 minutes – 20 minutes for presentation, followed by 25 minutes discussion.
  • Second year's participants must submit a working paper covering their initial findings and conclusions. Also these students get 45 minutes to present (20 minutes) and discuss (25 minutes) their research.
  • Each presentation will be followed by a 15 minutes’ break, and time to take lunch will be built into the program, too.

Application and fees

To apply for participation in the CINet PhD workshop, first year's applicants must submit a short project description (maximum 5 pages) with name, project title, affiliation, as well as a recommendation from their supervisor. This set of documents must be sent by e-mail to the conference secretariat (Jeannette Visser-Groeneveld) no later than 20 August 2020.
The combined fee for the CINet PhD workshop and the CINet Conference is € 75 for CINet members and € 110 for non-CINet members. The fee includes:

  • Participation in the CINet PhD workshop.
  • Participation in the 21th International CINet conference, including access to the proceedings.

Notification of acceptance and preparation

Applicants will be notified of the acceptance or rejection of their proposal by 1 September 2020. Successful applicants will then be asked to prepare and submit no later than 15 September 2020, a short paper describing their research design (first year's group), or a working paper covering the preliminary results and conclusions of their research (second year's group).

Related events

All PhD students working on topics related to continuous innovation are also strongly encouraged to attend the annual CINet PhD Seminar on Researching Continuous Innovation.

We look forward to meeting and work with you!

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PhD Workshop

PhD students attending the conference can attend the 20th CINet PhD Workshop for free.

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Young Academics Workshop

CIYA will organize their 11th young academics workshop on the Sunday afternoon preceding the conference.

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